The Cleanse

The 21 Day Ex-Boyfriend Cleanse is your guide to moving on from a broken heart. Day by day, you are given practical tools that allow you to process the emotional changes taking place during your breakup. Through questions, tasks, & activities, you are able to move through such a tough time in a healthy manner. You will learn how to accept that you have a purpose in life outside of the relationship and how to push further into it. Starting with day 1, allow this Cleanse to help you take back control of your heart & move the heck on with your life! 

The Series

The Break Up Series is a collection of books and events that deal with letting go. Breaking up from various people or issues in our lives is necessary in order to become our best selves. As each book is released, you will be able to figure out how you identify with each obstacle being addressed, & how you can effectively move forward. Stay tuned for the next release in The Break Up Series... 

The Author

Aba Arthur Balwigaire is a poet, dessert enthusiast, & classically trained actress. She has a passion for creating entertainment with empathy. Though she is no relationship expert, she has a countless number of break-ups to draw from. Don’t worry not just her own…also those from her friends and loved ones who have since crowned her “The Break-up Cleanser.” Okay, no she just made that up but it sounds good so she’s going to keep it. She created The 21 Day Ex- Boyfriend Cleanse when going through yet another friends’ time of heartbreak with her and realized that it worked! After examining the freedom from cleansing from a romantic relationship, she continued The Break Up Series to encompass numerous ways in which one can be released from a situation to become the best version of themselves. Aba enjoys long walks on the beach & cliches, which is why she & her Husband currently reside in Los Angeles, CA.  She hopes, wishes, and prays that you will find success through The Break Up Series and ultimately find a place where your heart is cherished and happy… ;)

Please visit www.abaarthur.com for more information.