The 21 Day Ex-Boyfriend Cleanse

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Your relationship is over…and it sucks.

What now?

Either you’re still lying in bed depressed, or you’re out every night pretending to enjoy your new-found singleness …perhaps a mixture of the two. Break ups are rarely easy and when hearts break, they don’t break evenly.


*How do I get through this?*

The 21 Day Ex-Boyfriend Cleanse is here to be your guide. I am so sorry you’re going through this and I promise you, your heart is still beating even though it feels like it’s broken. Starting with day 1, allow this Cleanse to give you the tools necessary to take back control of your heart and move the heck on with your life! You have a purpose outside of this relationship and learning how to get through this tough time in a healthy manner will make you that much stronger forever...


If he calls you right now & says he wants to get back together again, your answer is  __________.

​If you answered yes, that’s ok. If he decided to end things, let this Cleanse help you to get to a place where you realize that your life is better lived loving yourself and being loved by someone who always chooses you. If your answer is yes and you decided to end things, let this Cleanse help you to consider what you truly want from him, the relationship and most importantly yourself. If your answer is no, your Cleanse has officially begun. Click HERE to continue...

Countdown to July 1st release



The creation of this book was pretty seamless & came from a place of necessity. I sat with my friend & watched her heart slowly breaking after he pulled away. I remembered what I felt when I was in that space & all I wanted to do was help. So I started writing. An activity or reflection every single day for 21 Days. They say that’s how long it takes to break a habit right? Well how long does it take to mend a broken heart? We were on the road to figuring it out…

The 21 Day Ex-Boyfriend Cleanse is a practical guide to moving on. Every day you are given a tool for your own recovery, & a journal page to write out your thoughts: “Verbal vomit” as I like to call it. Lol. I pray the book will help you get to a place of healing, with a little bit of humor along the way. 20 Days till release… 


18 & counting!

Today we're going to talk about Comfort Clothes. The old ripped sweatpants, your jogging sports bra, or dare I say, his old t-shirt. This was the article of clothing you turned to during your break up to give you comfort...or simply because you didnt care to put on real clothes. Whether it was the lingering smell of his cologne, or the soft cotton against your skin you wore it constantly. Don't feel guilty, we all have them! What's yours? 18 days till release... 

17 days left...

Mary J. Blige, Katy Perry, Usher, Adele...all skilled in the art of tearing our hearts out! Breakup playlists overflowing on So I want to know from you, what's the best breakup song of all time?  

15 days...

 Have you ever been watching a movie & burst into tears because it felt like they were telling your story? Breakup movies or characters can either pull us further into our depression spiral, or empower us. What is your fave breakup movie or character? 

14 days left...

 You may have turned off your phone. You may have stayed under the covers for days at a time. Maybe you even lied straight through your teeth to your closest friends & family. When you were brave, you went to work wearing the 'guise of a smile until you went home at night & turned down all the lights and then you broke down and cried. Is this you? Periodical seclusion is understandable, but staying in that space is not. Let's get you back to your life...14 days left... 

13 days to go. In memory of the lives lost in Charleston South Carolina

12 Days!

 It’s Friday night & you just got paid! You're going to try your damndest to enjoy your new-found singleness. Tag the friends you're going out with tonight...#freakum dress 

11 days to go..

Saturday Salon Day! What’s the best chair advice you’ve ever gotten or given? Tag your stylist so they can give us all some ;) 11 days to go...

10 Days.

 This one is for the Mens...Happy Fathers Day! 10 days till release. 

9 Days left...


For the last 12 days, we've been counting down to the release of my book, The 21 Day Ex- Boyfriend Cleanse, by exploring different aspects of breakups & what helped you get through them. For the next 7 days, I will be sharing some of the stories you sent me. Anonymous & verbatim. Heartbreak is strong but Healing is POWERFUL. In your transparency, you have the ability to bless another soul…thank you so much for sharing. Today's testimony is by:

5'3''. The Brunette Vixen. In HEALTHY love.

8 days & counting!

 Testimony by: 

 Lover of Love. 26. Healed and Happy 


 Testimony by: 

   37. 5'10". free & single! 

Only 6 days left :)

 Testimony by: 

Queen. Alpha Female. Single "S"uper Woman  

And then there were 5...

 Testimony by: 

31. dental hygienist. minimalist​  

4 days!

 Testimony by: 

 5'5". a loyal lova. currently dating 

Only 3 more days!

 Testimony by: 

  smart. pretty smile. sharp tongue 

2 days until release...

Q: What advice would you give your (heartbroken) self?

For the past week you have been hearing the stories of others...what empowered them to get through, how they moved on. Today I would like to ask YOU to share your own breakup testimony. Heartbreak is strong but Healing is POWERFUL. In your transparency, you have the ability to bless another soul…thank you so much for sharing.